Monday, November 19, 2012


Dear family

Hey it so great to hear from you all this week. It sounds like everything is kind of slowing down back home again! ha ha! Thanks for all the letters:)

So this week was awesome! We as a mission had a zone meeting and another district meeting of Angolaa with the members. They were both so uplifting spiritually:)

There really wasn't just a whole lot that went on this week to be just totally honest. Oh wait we didn't get robed!!! Thaat's always a plus:) hahaa! During the district conference, I had the wonderful opportunity to sing with the choir:) ha ha! This was probably the most different experience I have ever had in a choir because the majority of the people really had not ever had any singing experience and it almost sounded like screeching:) ha ha! Bless their hearts they sang with all their heart:) I loved it so much!!!! After all the conference, one of my Investigators named Hipilito's told me, "I cant wait to be a mormon" ha ha! He really loved the conference and really wants to be baptised! The sad part is he will be traveling to Nambia for about three weeks, so he won't be getting baptised untill December, but we are still so happy for him:)

Sorry this is a short letter I really dont have much else to write about. I love you all so much and have a great week:)

Elder Wilhelm


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