Monday, December 17, 2012


ola familia:)

Well hey there wonderful family of mine!!! Thanks for all the letters and
what not. You guys help me out so much! FYI mom I did get my packege:). Thank you so much!! I wasn't able to save them until Christmas because
the post office had beaten me to tearing off that wonderful green
wraping:) haha they just had to check it for customs. Those books are
so cool! I am in the middle of pres hinkley book.

This week was a fairly normal week on angolan terms:) Elder Eckman and
I gained quite a few new investigators this last week because of all
of our contacting. Although we did have a lot of interruptions with the
work this past week. As I had mentioned last week on our house we are
getting a lot of repairs done on the house this week to actually make
it livable for missionaries to exist in. So we waited for the
repairman once again but in the end it all got done other than a leaky
washing machine.

This past week we had a division with our district leader, Elder Hobbs
and Elder Kelsey his companion. I had the privalidge to walk with
elder kelsey. Elder Kelsey is from utah and is a marine if you couldn't
tell by the name:) ha ha and boy does he show it off:) It is so funny!
Near the end of our division as we going to the last person's house
when all of the sudden he stops, in the same place the elder eckman
and I got robed might I might add, and says lets talk to these guys over
there that are drinkin. I look over and see probably 5 or 6 men
sitting around a table all of them quite drunk. I thought to myself
why in the heck would he want to talk to them, but I complied and we
went over to them. As we arrived at the table Elder Kelsey slams the
table to get everyones attention. They all just stopped and stared at
us. Then kelsey asked if they had any questions for us, Ya this didn't
make sence in my head either. They were all startled by our intrusion
on their party. They began to ask what we were, and we replied that
we are misisonaries of the church of Jesus Christ.  Then Kelsey, trying
to start up an interesting conversation, barks at them that they
should all stop drinkin and save there money for more important things
such as their families:) as you can imagine they all protested. haha.  We
ended up explainig to them if they ever wanted help dropping drinking
they could give us a call and we would stop by. Then we gave them all
the word of wisdom pamphlets. haha.  Ya afterwards I asked kelsey what
the crap he was thinking and I just came up with the conclusion that he
was just looking for a fight:) haha. But It was quite an interesting
experience to say the least.

So this week Hipolito got back from Namibia and we are going to
continue talking to him again. Before he had left to Naambia, he
promised us he would look up for the church there and continue
reading the book of mormon. During our last lesson with him 2 days ago
he expressed his love for the book of mormon and how much he wanted to
be baptised. He said that while he was up taking his test he was
starting to feel overwhelmed and stressed. He decided to take a break
and read from the book of mormon and said it calmed him down in such a
strong way the he was able to concentrate again and continue studying
for school! He also went to church there and loved it!! He came back
changed, with more humlity, but confidence in the gospel. It was just an
amazing feeling to see him progress and prepare himself for baptism.
So we decided to have a white christmas with him and he will be
baptised only a few days after Christmas day:) He is so excited and I
am for him!

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

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