Monday, December 10, 2012


ola boa tarde minha querida familia

It is so great to hear from you guys so much. Just reading at how you
are all changing is really awesome to see! Thanks for all your support
and love that you write to me.

Well it was another amazing week here in Angola! I really have quite a
bit to talk about, I guess and not at the same time.  Well, first things
first. I need to tell you of a story of how I almost became a real

It was last monday night right after we had gotten done with writing
you wonderful folks. We were headed to a noite familiar with the
branch over in the chapel. Elder Eckman and I were in a little bit of
a hurry because of our tardiness. So we hailed a os combatents taxi
crammed in there with a ton of people and off we went. Just to add a
little bit of information on this, I had been having a little
constipation for the 2 days before:) I thinks you can tell where this
story is going... so we get taking off in the taxi and I started to
get a little unconfertable to say the least.  The pressure was fairly
small at first and rapidly gained in intensity and pulsing. haha!  Then 
we hit the worst traffic I have seen in my mission in Angola. Oh boy, I 
thought to myself as we drove down the hot road with a driver
pretending like he was a race car driver jerking every inch. We
hadn't been in it for 30 min when I decided to make an executive
desision and jump out. As soon as I got out I threw the money at the
cobrador (the person who collects the money) and took off with the
brisk pace in the direction towards the chapel.  My companion who was
close behind me didn't know what the matter was:) I turned to him and
said I had to use the bathroom now or I might poop my pants! The
velocity of our pace became faster and faster the nearer we came to
the chapel and in the last 2 hundred yards I ended up sprinting to our
destination in just the neck of time:) ya it was a close call... The
reason I say real missionary is because here in Angola, a few elders
haven't been able to make it to their destinations in time. They say
you aren't a real missionary until you crap your pants... that is not
a price I am willing to pay:)

So on to more missionary type things. As you may have guessed the church
here in Angola is a very young and very disorganized baby right now.
It has been getting a lot better in most other branches but in ours
the work seems to be slow. It is definitely apparent in our
sacrament meetings when the president calls upon people from the
audience to find out what is going on during the up coming week. It is 
not the most ideal place for us as members to feel the spirit let
alone for our investigators. We decided to discuss the issue in our
past district meeting and going over it with our mission president to
see if he could give us any instruction. What we came up with is a
series of training meetings that are under the direction of the branch
president, with the branch president being trained by our mission
president. So starting this up coming week, my companion and I will
start off the trainings starting with the sunday school presidency
and teachers. And every week we will be teaching a different auxiliary.
So we obtained a copy of the manual and we will be studing up on
this this week:) We are pretty dang excited. What we will be mostly
doing is trying to get them excited about the work so that they will
arrive on time and complete their callings.

But anyways there ain't much more:) I love you all and I hope you all
have a great week!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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