Monday, August 13, 2012


Dear family

Hey there fam whats hangin!!!! things here are going great:) this new area has got a lot of growing to do but it will get thing with a lot of love and pacience. This branch that i am in right now is just so fragle so they really on the missionaries a lot. We are going to have to help with that:) We have first been talking with our branch mission leader and trying to get him a little better trained and we have been seeing some progress. It has been awesome.

So This week we found an amazing family. It was really by chance that we found them haha. Elder Kearney and I were teaching a lesson at an investigators house and as we were getting ready to leave a lady just entered through the door to come say hi to the family. When she saw us she asked us if we had so time to go to her house to give her husband a prayer:) So we had followed her over to her house and I was just expceting a man that was sick with a stumic flue. but that was not the case. we got to taking to him and his wife and in december of 2011 he had gotten into a car accedent in south africa. The car had rolled four times destroying the truck and leaving the man unable to walk. He had been paralyzed from the accident from the waiste down. They are hoping a surgery may help. Elder Kearney and I fell in love with them from the first moment we met them. They Truely are some of the humblest people I have met. So we gave the man a blessing and we have started visiting their house. We will see what will happen with them. We are really asking for help from the members with this one because they just love to have visets:)

Well hey fam i love you so much and i hope you have just a get week!

Elder Wilhelm


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