Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Ola minha querida familia!!!

Well it was great to hear from the lot of ya. It sounds like things back at home are still trudging along. It is great to hear that everyone is still happy and loving life!

This was a really good week just to start off. Although really one of the most stressful one I have had in a while:) but a very rewarding all in all. As I had told you all we had the baptism of Edson this past week. He was so excited during this whole week I was just so great to see his willingness to do it. The day before his baptism he ended up getting polydizmo(which is the forerunner of the malaria). Oh he was so sick the day before, so we gave him a blessing and blessed him with the ability to get baptized. The next day he was feeling good enough to leave the house and jump in the waters of baptism:) by the end he look 100 percent better. Then yesterday his conditions had worsened and because of that he was not able to make it to church to get confirmed.. so we have it scheduled for next Sunday, and I hope he will be feeling better by then. When we past by on Sunday, he couldn't even get up from the couch that we found him on and he was steaming hot, but he says he is feeling better already.

This week we had a ton of really amazing lessons. We hopefully during this next week will get a lot of new families. We had been talking to a lot of people about references and what not so fingers crossed:) FYI If you haven't heard ANGOLA IS BECOMING A MISSION!!!!!! We had heard about a week ago and weren't supposed to tell anybody! When president called to tell us I was like WHAT!!!! I really wasn't expecting it to happen already! I will be able to say that I had 5 mission presidents on my mission. It is just so crazy.

Elder Dredge is doing great. Training has really been a better experience for me than I am sure it was for him. It will be great to get to work with him for at least one more!!! It is so awesome to have great companions. I don't think I have had a bad one yet!

Elder Wilhelm

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