Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hey there family!!!

Wow it is so good to here from you all! It just brings so much joy to
my heart to hear all is good back home:) This week for us went great

It was just such an amazing week for us in our area. Once again,
we are dropping a lot of people that are not progressing and trying to
find more investigators. So we did quite a bit of contacting again.
Just so you all know there is a better way to work. That is through
members and church!! It is just because we have just a few members that
we do a lot more contacting. The member are probably sick of us asking
them for references.

We were not, however, able to see Edson confirmed on sunday... We
passed by his house several times this week and his health just got
worse and worse to the point where he couldn't talk. On about friday he
was able to communicate with us as we where talking to him and looked
better, but still was not well enough to the point where he could go
to church. Slowly he is getting better and will be confirmed during
the coming Sunday. This Saturday the Lord has also blessed us with
another baptism. He was supposed to be baptized on the last Saturday,
but we felt it better to delay it until this week. Now he is a
hundred percent prepared and already had his interview and passed.
His name is Alex. He has about 16 years and has plenty of family and
support in the church.

We have another man that we are working with but he can't get
married yet. He just doesn't have a job yet so we invited him to fast
with us during fast Sunday. He did and he is just so determined to get
baptized!! We hope that he will be able to get a job during the coming

We had another women named Luzia, and her daughter made it to church
yesterday. Luzia is one of the nicest people I have met and has
excepted and prayed about everything we have talked to her about. She
pretty much treats us like her two boys:) haha she has a baptismal date
on the 23rd of this month. She doesn't have a husband because he passed
away about 2 years ago, and her brother passed away a few months back.
She has just been looking and looking for the truth for so long, and
when she found it she just took off:) we are so happy for her.

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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