Monday, March 25, 2013

March 18, 2013

Caro familia!!!

Hey y'all what going on!!! Thanks for the updates of everything that is going on back home. It is always so nice to here whats going on. Sounds like the play went great!!! I hope you recorded it so I could see it in a year:) haha Karen congrats on the job!!! It just makes me so jealous:) haha you will love it so much.

So this week was a great week. There where quite a few setbacks and a lot of people dropping but all in all I have my faith and my health, unlike my companion:) I will explain that. But before I explain that to you, I have a quick little story for you. So during this past week we have been getting just a ton of rain and I have been loving it!  One of the days it was raining so hard with just tons of lightning. It was just such a cool experience, but as missionaries rain or shine we went out to work. So we got in a taxi and were coming up to this big statue of the first president. This statue is located in the middle of a huge round about that is tilled and is really quite pretty. As we get closer to it, I notice there are a lot of these little boys running around and sliding on the tile. I thought to myself,  "well they must be using card bored of something to be sliding, because they were sliding fairly far." The I noticed as the taxi nearer they didn't have any card board  but had pulled their pants down and were running and sliding on the bare bums:) ha ha Oh I love Angola!! It gave me a good laugh.

So this week we had a lot of fall through and a lot of people not keeping their commitments. It was fairly discouraging, and our next baptismal candidate for next week fell through because she is still having some problems that she didn't tell us about until we did a pre interview with her. sadly she will be delayed... It is just so frustrating because people just keep lying to us and say they are obeying when they really aren't... I really hope this next week goes a lot better. The same thing happen with a few people this week.

Ok so to tell you about my companion... So about 3 or 4 days ago he started to get these really bad head aches, and a bad fever. He keep insisting we went out, so we did, but the conditions got worse so sister Thompson told us to go in today to get some blood test for him. The test came back positive for malaria. So I have a sick companion for the next couple of days while he takes some medication. He has been taking his anti malaria piles too. it just goes to show that it doesn't always work.

but other than that that is how the week was. I love you all so much.  Have a great week!!!!

Elder Wilhelm


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