Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Hey fam!!!!

Thank you so much for the letters this week. Your words and love truly do radiate through your letters:) thank you. It appears you all had a great week. So many people are getting mission calls!! Oh It just makes me so happy that so many have responded to the call to serve. keep up the good work y'all!

On Thursday we had a zone conference. It was a very well needed conference for me to relieve me of some stress and worries. The conference talked a lot about being a virtuous person and how it is the Lord molds us into the kind of men he needs us to be. One of the points that I really enjoyed was a talk by Elder Christoferson of the 12 apostles. I actually think it was in mormon message:) but Elder Christoferson makes an analogy of a little berry bush that was growing big and tall as if it were a tree and not giving a whole lot of berries. The Gardener seeing this went to the bush that was growing so well and pruned it until it was almost all the way back to the ground with just a few branches sticking out. The bush on each end of the branch dripped out a liquid that looked like it was a tear, and yelled, "why are you cutting me down, I was growing so big and tall how could you do this to me?!" ~then the gardener replied "I don't want you to be a tree that gives shade. I what you so be a bush. I know what I want to you be."  After time the bush started to give off, in abundance, more fruit. For me This story makes me think about everything that has happened concerning mission and before. We go through these experiences so that we can grow. At times we don't know why we have these problems, but the Lord does and he know who he needs us to be. That was just one point that I like about our conference:) I love these leaders we have, they rock!!!

This week, for all of our investigators, is going great though. Right now we are doing a bit of weeding in the vineyard, but we are finding some really cool people.

Sorry this letter isn't all that long, but I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!:)

Elder Wilhelm

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