Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Minha querida familia!!!!!

ola!!!!! well hey thanks all yall for all the letters! I just love hearing from you. You are all just such a great support to me:) I am jealous you all get to watch conference before I do though.... It will take a couple of weeks before they every get here. butttttttt enjoy it!!!!!!

So this week was a pretty cool week. We were able to find some really cool people! But first I guess I ought to tell you about the transfers........ I AM LEAVING!!! But you already knew that:) I am going to serve with Elder Harper as a zone leader in Benfica as a junior companion. Ya I am way excited to work with Elder Harper. He is an older missionary that I have always looked up to so it will be a great time and I will probably end up killing him because he only has 3 months left on his mission. Elder Dredge will be paired up with Elder Clifford(another missionary from the best state in the U.S.,arizona).

I am actually very sad to be leaving this area the more and more I think about it. After 9 months and 3 companions this Ol area just grew on me. It was really neat to see the progression of the branch and the area since the beginning. The relationships with the member and investigators Is one of the biggest things I will miss. I will also miss Elder Dredge a ton. He has probably one of the biggest influences in my mission so far. He has taught me far more things than I ever taught him. From every companion I feel like I learn one specific thing. From Elder Dredge it was obedience. Just to give you an example of how awesome he is. During the 4th or 5th week that he has been here we were reading in the missionary handbook together about being within sight and sound at all time except for special cases such as the bath room. After that he looked up at me and said "does that mean here in our house also?" I was kind of startled by the question and said "well I guess so." :) ha ha then for the rest of the night he proceeded to follow me around the house that consists of 3 rooms that are all connected:) He has been a amazing influence on me.

Our area is going Great. This past week we were starting to run low on investigators because we had to drop a few. So we decided to do a special fast to be able to find some new families. The day after the fast this just started to fall into place. We ended up finding 3 new families and a few other really cool people. I am so sad that I have to leave this area!!!! We have this new investigator named Danielson who is just such a champ. He has actually been going to church at another branch for about 2 months now and nobody knew. He was also given a book of mormon by a friend and has read so much in it already.  So to say the least we decided to start talking to him:) haha This next time we will be giving him a baptismal date.

Well hey I love you all so much:) have a wonderful week!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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