Friday, April 19, 2013

April 15, 2013

querida familia

Hey Everyone!!!!! Just another week of amazing Angola! Thanks to all that wrote I love hearing from you all and It helps me so much to get excited for the work. It is so cool that Amanda decided to go on a mission!!! she Will love working in the temple, and to be totally honest I am a little Jealous..

So nothing just crazy happened this week, but as always it was very awarding. Elder Harper and I are doing a ton of finding. This area is just so much different than my last area.  It's almost a little strange. All of the roads are covered with sand and all the houses are nice. ha ha but we have found some really amazing families.

Elder Harper and I, during this next week, will be giving a training during this next zone conference for like an hour and a half. Sheee.... I can hardly sit in through meeting for that long let alone teach it. ha ha but it will be a really great experience. Our topic is based on president Monson's talk during the priesthood section. During that talk Pres. Monson focused on four main points: 1) study the scriptures often, 2) plan your life with purpose, 3) teach with testimony, and 4) serve the lord with love. Never done this before so we are just getting a bunch of material up and go through it into a pot and we will see what comes out:) We only got this topic a couple of days ago and the conference will be on Wed. ha ha so we are in a bit of a rush.

During this week a filmer of the church, Elder Harpers uncle, came to Luanda to film a few members and film one of the sacrament meetings. (under permission from the church). Anyways Elder Harper and I had the opportunity of going with him to Cassquel to translate for him and help him film and mormon message. We got to film a used to be less active that both elder Harper and I had taught before names Lirio. I have already talked about him like a year ago. ha ha but just to review Lirio had a lot of problems and really needed some help, so the missionaries got in contact with him a little over a year ago. This year he has completely switched his life around and is now going to be married, is the first counselor in the elders quorum and helps in many aspects of the church. It was way cool to see it all. so who knows maybe one of these days you will see a black guy named Lirio on the church website:)

Other than that not a whole lot had happened.  I love you all so much and wish you a wonderful week.

Elder Wilhelm

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