Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear family!!!

Hey thanks so much for all of your letters this week! I really love hearing from you. It sounds like you are all doing well and still kicken. Thanks dad so much for the updates on all the missionaries coming out of good ol saint johns. I can't believe how many people are going out now it is just so cool to see all my little high school buddies going out on mission.

This week was so amazing here in Angola. Today we are actually at presidents house because sister Tompson offered to teach us how to make bread. I love this woman:) so All of our beating on doors is finally paying off!!! During this week we acquired 4 new families to our teaching pool. Two of the set are actually married too!!! Elder Harper and I are doing so much walking that we both started to get blisters on our feet and the soles in my shoes are pretty much gone so I weren't and took the sole out of my tennis shoes and starting to get those worn out also:) ha ha

 So there is this river that runs right in the middle of our area that is pretty small but when it rains it comes down and floods everything out in the area. On Wednesday we had to get across that river on our way to zone conference and normally there are limbs that lay across so that people have a place to get to the other side. The night before though we had had a storm blow in and take all of those little bridges out and a little increase in water level. So when we got down to the river we scanned the shore to find one but with no avail we looked for the narrowest part of the river to try and jump :) elder Harper and I kind of looked at each other and he said "if I jump you have to jump after me wether I make it across or not" :) ha ha laughingly I agreed and he took a few steps back and launched himself as far as he could to make it across. His hit the other side but then all the dirt that he landed on gave way and down he went up to almost his waist. Everyone that was around just started laughing and pointing fingers ha ha! I didn't think I would be able to make it so we went to a wider part of the river were I would walk across. About this time two elders from our house came down the hill trying to find a way across so to get across I was already a little wet so I put one of them on my back and carried him across to the other side the I went back to go get his companion who had pulled his camera out and was starting to film the whole ordeal. ha ha So I threw him on my back and we went across:) ha ha coming in a year or so you will probably see that film on face book!

Our zone conference went fine. W at least we got though it alive:) ha ha but it was a lot of fun and we got a lot of commentary out of the other elders, so it went great other than being soaking wet.

So ya that was pretty much the week but you all have a good one. Love you all!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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