Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

ola boa tarde minha querida familia!!!! ta fixe?

hey there y'all it was great to hear from ya!!! I cant believe Alec is already back home!!!! Be sure to give him a big hug and a juicy kiss for me:) ha ha you guys just pick at my heart strings sometime. Thanks for all the letters. It sounds like it was a pretty dang good week.

This week went super well for us all also!!! We actually got a lot of divisions done with some of our district leaders. First off this week we had a division with Elder Walker and Elder Chandler. I stayed in our area with elder Walker. If you don't remember, Elder Walker is actually my father on the mission and only has 2 and a half weeks left!!! We had a lot of fun together and had some really spiritually lesson, ya we still got it:) Then on Friday, we had another division with the elders over in Viana, Elder Chatwin and Whitaker. So on this one I was able to leave the area and go work in their area with elder Chatwin. It was quite a bit of fun to go around with elder Chatwin.  he honestly reminds me a lot of Alec, playful, happy, loving kind of a guy. We actually had a really good conversation during our daily planning that night. He was asking me what I would have done a little different and what suggestions I had for him. He is just such a humble missionary and will do a lot of great things here in Angola. While I was there I interviewed one of there baptismal candidates named Lala. Lala is only has 9 years and has a lot of family in the church. She had a lot of really cute answers to the baptismal questions:) As soon as we got done with that division it was onto another one with Luanda 2 on Saturday.  We went directly to where we were going to meet the other elders. Elder Harper and I literally had 40 min to correlate before we started the next division. It was with Elder Wilson and Macun. Elder Wilson went with me in our area. It was so much fun. Elder Wilson Is one of the most laid back guys I have met. It was so nice to talk with him.

This week we also watched general conference!!! Ya Harper and I couldn't hear anything because we gave our seats to a couple that we are teaching and the rest of the chapel was full so we stayed outside in the hallway and helped direct some people as they walked in. I hope we get the written here soon:) but from what we could hear was just amazing!! I am so thankful to have the words of the prophet and the apostles.

So that was pretty much our week but I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!! Que Deus vos abençoe!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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