Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

Dear family,

Hey thanks everyone for all of your letters!!! It just does my heart good to hear our family have fun together!!! Those little kids probably wont even remember who I am by the time I get back but I can't wait to be hanging out with them.

 Well this week has been quite a week to tell you the least!!! But it was very rewarding to have a couple of baptisms at the end of it all!!!! Joia and Meuri were so excited to get baptized! It was probably the easiest baptism that I have ever participated in. They were mormon long before they were dunked into that water:) After church they were talking to us about all the people they wanted to invite to hear our message:) New converts are the coolest people ever!!!!

So this past week we received notice from the APs in Mozambique that we were going to have a meeting with all the other ZLs in the mission. I am not exactly one for meetings, but it was just what we needed to hear. The APs had a really cool training on the line of the leaders. such as how information passes between the president all the way down to the companionships. It is kind of a thing that we need to get better at here in Angola. So after the training Elder Harper and and I decided to do a training with each one of the districts in our zone in the next couple of weeks. We will be talking about pretty much the same thing that we received from the APs but each training will be different for each district. This morning we talked with the other ZL's to see if they had any Ideas.  We hope everything will work out well.

That was pretty much our week though:) Well I love you all and pray for ya every day!!!! have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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