Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 13, 2013

Dear all y'all!!!!!

It was so great to hear from all of you!!! Man It just always gets me pumped to see you guys!!!! Life just seems like it is just passing by so fast. And my mission also seems like it is disappearing right before my eyes... I didn't exactly know how long I had left till mom told me, ya I have a lot more to do:) I love you all so much!!!

Oh by the way we got our transfers today.... Not a whole lot here on the mission will be changed, but I also have so sad news... I wont get to kill Elder Harper... I am pretty bummed about that.  He and I get along really well, but I will still be living in the same house as him. So Elder Harper will be staying in our área and Elder Hobbs will substitute me. I have been moved to a new área in the same branch with Elder Moniquelle (a Mozambicano) as Assistants to the presidente. Its going to be a lot of work and I am not all too sure about serving in this position, but I am way excited to be working with Elder Moniquelle because he is just a work horse from what I have seen. So together we will have to figure all of this out. The transfers were actually done by presidente Kretly for the first time and not by presidente Thompson. And fyi I don't know if you remember who elder Walker is, but he was my trainer and he will be going home on Wed. because he finally finished up!!!!:)

This week for us was kind of crazy. Elder Harper and I were running around like crazy going to meetings and then going back to our área to pros-light some more. So on Wed., we were over in the Luanda 2 district to give them a training about the chain of command and humility. It went very smoothly with out any problems and the missionaries are way pumped for the arrival of the new mission presidente!!! We also did the same training with the Viana district and had similar results. So know we only have one more left which is our own district. So we will do it tomorrow before all the transfers happen.

Today all the missionaries kind of went out on a last hurrah with Pres. and sister Thompson to the national museum of natural history of Angola!!! It was awesome to have a last bit of fun with them before they take off. Getting to the museum, we had to get up earlier than normal hours at 530 am so that we could make the long trip over there filled with traffic all along the way. Elder Harper and I ended up having to separate from our district while hailing táxi because of the lack of táxis that morning so we were the last ones to make our way over. But anyways after we were in traffic for a good hour or so presidente and sister Thompson drove right along side us:) We took the opportunity and call sister to see if we could jump in their car to dodge a few táxis.  Of  course they were alright with it. So we, Elder Harper and I, had to jump out of our táxi really quick and chase down pres. and sis. and jump in there car. há há It was a lot of fun. Once we finally got there we couldn't find any parking anywhere, so Elder Harper  got out with sis. Thompson and accompanied her into the museum while pres. and I drove around aimlessly trying to find a parking spot. It was quite a bit of fun talking to presidente about his plans and all for when he gets home. He is way excited and has help us out so much here in and Angola:) I am so thankful for the Thompson's. We ended up finding a parking space in front of the museum after circling around for awhile:) há há but the museum was way cool!!!

Well I love you all so much and wish you all a great week!!

Elder Wilhelm

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