Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Ola famila!!!!

Hey everyone!!! Thank you so much for the letters this week.  I really needed them:) I am happy to know that all went well with the funeral. It sounds like there were quite a few laughs:) ha ha I am glad everyone is as happy as could be.

My week was so awesome!!! We tried to be as busy as we could and we found quite a few new people. It was so much fun!!!

So This Last Friday Elder Wilson and I had set up with the branch president to go see some of our recent converts. The First person that we visited we actually met at the chapel and we met inside of pres office. We, the missionaries, didn't really do a whole lot because it as more of a time for president to get to know some of his ward members.

President prepared a little spiritual thought on our baptismal covenant and he was going off on a scripture in 2 Ne.31. President was in the middle of an explanation on the scripture we he stopped abruptly and got this weird look on his face. Panicky he yelled "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!!!" Then he bolted for the door and straight to the bathroom:) ha ha I guess he had eaten something bad and it sure was hitting him hard! It was a close encounter:)

On Thursday we had an activity night with a bunch of members and investigators. Elder Brown gave a spiritual thought on Christ, using an rubrics cube. All of the Angolans were so amazed!! Then after he was done, Brown gave them all little rubrics cubes. Oh man were the members happy:) ha ha within 10 seconds of giving the cubes, all of them and mixed it up and were coming up to us to help them fix it, and 4 or 5 cubes had exploded:) ha ha

Elder Wilson and I were in charge of the game so we play a version of mafia with them called Nephites and Lamanites. I was the spokesman for the game and boy was it a challenge:) ha ha Everyone was getting so into it accusing each other of being a Lamanite! ha ha a few times we had to get everyone quite so that we could vote who would me eliminated:) I love the Angolan people they are just so fun and really get into games!!

Here in Lubango we finally received the discs for general conference. So on sunday we watched all of the Saturday sessions. Although Elder Wilson and I had been given another assignment. We were to watch over the primary during the whole conference! It was a blast, but boy did it take the energy out of me:) We mostly played games and sang songs that elder Wilson and I didn't know how to sing in Portuguese.

Anyways sorry i kind of rambled today:) ha ha but it was a really fun week!! Thanks y'all for everything! I hope that everything goes well back at home!!! Love you guys!!!

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