Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Ola querida familia!!!

Thanks everyone for the letters this week!!! I really appreciate them and am excited to hear from y'all next week:) Just a side note for mom and dad, you guys are really getting old:) ha ha

Well this week was just a nice solid week of work!! It is so nice to not have meetings or anything:) although this next week will be chalk full because the APs will be down here to do divisions with us and Elder Lopes(the first counselor in the mission presidency) will be coming down to give us some training and to help out the brach a bit.

Anyways back on subject. This week was awesome!!! Yesterday Elder Wilson and I, as it was starting to get dark, we were walking up to another appointment by the railroad tracks. As we were walking along the road this guy on his motorcycle turns around and stops to talk to us. He had a friend that had received the book of mormon and that he wanted to know more.

While we were talking to that guy another guy stops abruptly and asks us what we are doing, so elder Wilson continued talking to the first guy and I went over the second guy. I explained to him that we were missionaries of the church and that we had a message that we would like to share with him. So I grabbed his number and elder Wilson got the other guys number.

As soon as those two guys started their bikes yet another man stopped us on his motorcycle. He knew that we were missionaries of the church and started explaining that he needed help to stop drinking and to start going to church. So we explained that would could help him the best we could, and then asked for a number. The man put his head down and said he didn't have one, but he really wanted us to pass by. So we gave him our number and he was about to take off when, low and behold, his brother and his cousin drive up on their motorcycles to see what we were talking about:) ha ha! It turns out that they all lived in the same area and those two guy had telephone numbers:) ha ha!  It turned out alright. Angolans are so curious some times:) ha ha! I love them so much. So hopefully we will get to talk to these guys this week.

Anyways we are teaching this guy named Carlos. On friday Carlos invited us over to his house so that we could teach him and clear up any doubt that he had. When we got there we found Carlos, but he was not alone. He had like 5 of his bodies, all of them from his church that wanted to listen in on the lesson. (So I have had this happen to me before and when you have a room full of 25 year old men that are strong in their faith normally it turns into a bible bash and we just try and leave them with pamphlets and leave).  This time it was different. We went in there and we explained about the restoration. All of these men were understanding it perfectly, except for Carlos. So whenever Carlos got confused about something, all of these other 5 guys would explain it to him perfectly from what we told them:) ha ha! At the end of the lesson when we got out the book of mormon they were all intrigued and wanted to know more. Sadly we only had two copies on us, so they started playfully fighting over the books:) ha ha! It was a lot of fun and they were are super  intelligent guys. Later we went over and brought the rest of them books of Mormon. It was a very good lesson though and some of them ended up coming to church on Sunday!!!!

We also had an investigator that got bit by a dog this week. His name is Junior. We have been teaching Junior for a week and a half now, but he is sick! When we taught about the restoration he just wanted to know for himself, so we gave him the Book of Mormon. He just has not had that much time to read it, because he is always working. So in one of our lesson we read the intro with him and he really liked it. But because of his dog bite, this week he has to stay home:) I know I am a little selfish in thinking this, but now he has time to read from the book of Mormon!!!! ha ha He has already read the first couple of chapters.

Anyways I love you all so much!!! I sure do hope all goes well this week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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