Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Querida familia,

Thanks y'all for all of the letters you done sent me:) ha ha It looks like halloween was a blast and that you all had a great time!! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family!!!

So just to get down to business, I LOVE LUBANGO!!!! Oh man things down here are way more chiller in the sense of the weather and the people:) The climate is almost exactly the same as good ol Saint Johns, but the only difference is that all of the people are black:) I feel like the people down here are way nice too! on Sunday, Elder Wilson and I were walking to one of our appointments and we literally got stopped 3 or 4 times, within 5 min, of people just wanting to talk:) Haha it is so cool!!!

My new comp, Elder Wilson, is such a fun dude!! This is the first time that I have severed with him or ever have been in the same house. I think he was a little nervous at first, because he didn't really have a whole lot of time to get to know the area, but we got into a grove and it is super easy to teach with him.

Our area mostly consists of 12 recent converts and few less active and a couple of really cool investigators! The recent converts are all super strong in the church already, but we still need to finish up all of the lessons with them. This past sunday 2 of our recent converts brought friends to church, and we will be teaching them during this next week. We have this one investigator named Afonso who is absolutely sick. I have only sat with him twice now, but he is always at church and even helped us clean the chapel on Saturday!! We marked a baptism date with him for the end of the month!! I sure hope he makes it. He has a girlfriend, so I sure hope that that doesn't become a problem.

On my second day here Elder Wilson and I had a lesson with a recent convert named Telmo. We were teaching him outside of his house because inside was way small. Anyways in the middle of the lesson somebody calls him over on the other side of the fence. So he went over to go talk to the person. While we were waiting there were a bunch of little girls playing around this pit that was about 5 feet deep. They were laughing and throwing rocks when all of the sudden the oldest girl grabs one of the younger ones and places her down into the pit to go and grab something:) The oldest girl then proceeds to throw the little girl a peace of sting and tried to pull her up, but in vain.  It didn't work. So she herself jumps in grabs something and throws it out and climbs out. She then grabbed the hands of the other little girl that couldn't get out. Realizing that she couldn't do it by herself she starts calling the other little girls to come pull on her butt:) So this other little girls obey and they all started tugging and with a little effort they finally got the other girl out:) ha ha I freakin love little kids sometime!!!

Well I love you all so much!!! I hope all goes well with you all!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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